Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pho Sho !!!!!

I have an anniversary coming up. I wish I would have written down the exact date, but to the best of my calculations, June will start my 7th year of being a vegetarian. It's a long story that I get many questions about. Mostly, people want to know why and I'll just say: ALL THE REASONS.

•It's unhealthy
•It's bad for the economy
•It's inhumane

Anyways, even though I am a strict vegetarian, I am a meat lover. I have every type of fake meat product in my fridge! I don't eat gelatin, fish, or stock which includes many soups, pilafs, caesar dressing, and even gummy bears. Most things I can replicate at home, HOWEVER, there are some things you just can't get. Fresno has really made some great advancements with Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and hell, even regular grocery stores can carry vegetarian products now, BUT...

As you can imagine, even though I love to cook, sometimes I just want to go out and get a good meal and not have to worry and quiz my waiter/waitress about how the food is made.

That's why I was so happy with the addition of New Stars Vegetarian. New Stars is at Champlain/Perrin in the FIVE and Sequoia Brewing parking lot. Unfortunately, their hours aren't the best - they close early at 9pm and are closed on Sunday-Tuesday, but PLEASE GO THERE! Most veg places go so hardcore that they go vegan! MARISA ALSO LOVES CHEESE AND BUTTER!! So New Stars has a selection of vegan, vegetarian, and even imitation meat products. They have all types of things, but mostly the fare is asian related.

Here's the whole reason of this post - THEY HAVE PHO !!!!!

I've been dying for Pho for YEARS now. I went this last Saturday and had some. It was PHENOMENAL. Anyone, call me and we'll go. I think I'm addicted. I could eat it every freakin' day. EVERY. DAY.



MilesPerHour May 13, 2009 at 5:59 AM  

I wish I could do the vegetarian thing but I like some meats too much. The one thing I have cut out for around 20 years or so is beef.

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