Saturday, July 21, 2018

Becoming "Mrs" Curt Curtis

So a funny thing happens when you get married. Besides joining lives and families and households, there's that Name Change thing. Which I'm ok with. Which I wanted. Which I think it's cute when people call us the Curtis'... But somewhere in there, more than just my name got changed. My life, my personality, my job, my work ethic, my identity got shadowed by my husbands.


My point is summed up in this one experience. I was walking up the stairs behind our greeters desk as our receptionist was training a new girl and I heard her say "That's Marisa, she's our owners wife."


NOT, That's Marisa, she's worked here 21 years.
NOT, That's Marisa, she manages our entire fleet of transportation for 9 stores in 5 states plus the shows.
NOT, That's Marisa, she works our shows, handles our website, our dropbox, our pictures, our inventory, our.............

NOPE, Just Marisa, the owners wife.

I'm sorry, that burns my buns. Is that what happens when you marry someone honest and fun and gregarious and successful? Your own accomplishments, opinions, value, just get crumbled up and thrown under his wing?

Last time I checked, I had been a gainfully employed person since January 10th 1997. I've PRIDED myself in my ability to multi-task. To teach myself new things. To work, and work, and work some more. Of course, it is a weird thing to date (& eventually marry) your boss, but we have NEVER  considered our pleasure before our business... (as sad as that statement is) As in, when we're at work, we're at work. During the day, we don't sit next to each other, we don't hold hands, we don't call each other about personal things. Hell, we don't even carpool! We have our own daytime lives completely independent of each other.  Maybe there's a female cell in my brain that sometimes wishes that he was sitting up at his desk thinking how much he loved me and would call and tell me nice things, but our relationship has not been and is not that way. And NEVER EVER would I lean on my relationship with the boss to help me fudge on my job. In fact, it's a bad thing, but we occasionally have a hard time remembering we are life partners instead of business partners. We take it that seriously...

So then, October 14th, 2017 rolls around. The happiest, prettiest, most fairytale day I've ever had in my life. After the honeymoon, I began the name change process (Which, by the way, is intensely more complicated when you're established in your credit and accounts and life! OMG)

And that's when it began... not just the one experience above, but over and over and over and I’m tired of it! 

I work. I want to be really good at my job for myself. I want to earn my money for myself. I want to support myself. I want credit for what I do for myself! 

What’s a girl gotta do to be more than just someone’s wife? 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

You’ve gotta wait for it...

So my Dad and I have this thing... back in 8th grade I went to the Woodlake Rodeo and played a game and won a little dinosaur stuffed animal. He had a dumb look on his face (similar to a funny face my dad makes) and we named him Dino. Somehow we got into the habit of hiding Dino and waiting for the other person to find him. Over the last 25+ years, ive gotten really good at it! But what I realized is that you can’t find Dino and then immediately hide him back. That gets redundant and boring. 

So I keep Dino... 

and I wait...

Sometimes a month. Sometimes years. (He’s currently in my closet- has been for about over a year!!!) So you never know when he’s going to show up in your closet, in the microwave of your RV, under cover in the backyard on a specialty tool... this is sounding kind of serial killer-ish... but the point is- the waiting makes it worth it!!!! And from yours truly here at “It’s worth recording”, I hope I was worth the wait! Because I’m baaaaccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A good cornhole game, I guarantee you'll enjoy it!

So I said I'd post something that amused me.

Salespeople often send out followup letters to their customer base. I'm sure you've gotten them if you've ever bought a car, etc. Anyways, I was given some letters the business had received to see if any of the wording used was good for us to incorporate into our own company followup letters.

I'm innocently reading along and BAM, I discover this gem...

I just keep reading it and re-reading it, and it gets funnier EVERY time. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Of course, someone spoiled all the fun and informed me that a game of cornhole is a bean bag toss. I was WAAAAY off! LOL

Hope this got you to chuckle! Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Magic Milk Straws - REALLY?!

I must be REALLY observant. Like really, really. Things just catch my eye and they either amuse me or disturb me greatly.

Let's start with what disturbed me first.  (Check back later for an amusing post)

I'm at Target and I see these things called "Milk Straws"... Besides taking a detour to tell the general public.... GEEZZUSS CHRIST you can get calcium from sources other than what the dairy industry owned government brainwashed you into thinking was only milk... Is it really a problem to get your kids to drink milk?? I don't know, this is why I have a dog, so if he's bad I can sell him. I think you get in trouble if you do that with your kids. Not quite sure, but since I have none it's a moot issue anyways.

So here is this prized STRAW. Mmmmm strawberry milk is good right? Oh, and whats this? MAGIC Milk Straws. That's WAY better than a regular already made up thing any day, right?

However, I can't help myself. I wish ignorance was bliss, but I need to know - What's in a MAGIC MILK STRAW?
Oh no shit, you don't say?? Not just one, or two, but THREE different derivatives of SUGAR?!?! REALLY???? Uh huh. Yeah, it's real important your kids drink that milk right? I find my kids drink their milk better when I shoot them full of MAGIC heroin. Certainly the negative effects of that are counterbalanced and THEN SOME by the worlds only source of calcium, right? RIGHT?

Very disturbing folks, VERY DISTURBING!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WHOA I'm WAY behind!

I think I told you guys to check back for some pictures of what I've been up to!

A popular question from my friends tends to be: "So, besides running, what have you been up to?"

*Eerie silence*

There's something else other than running? HAHA

Apparently, there is, but not around these parts! My every meal, sleep cycle, and purchase is seeming to revolve around that right now. So Just bear with me here, it MAY come up again!

Here is a text conversation that THOROUGHLY amused me:

I can see now, this is gonna be more of a food blog today. I'm really having to eat a lot! And in a different order. It's throwing me for a loop! I'm supposed to eat breakfast which grieves me deeply! My parents have a nectarine tree though, and I have been enjoying some fresh fruits. I mean, hello Central Valley, we have the best produce in the world available at our fingertips! SEE....?
And not just fruit, but vegetables too. If you think you dislike tomatoes but you've never had a homegrown one, THINK AGAIN! I don't care how ripe or red or whatever, one that comes off the vine of your friends moms tomato plant is the juiciest, meatiest, tastiest thing ever. EVAH! As a close second, have you ever tried heirloom tomatoes?  If not, get your ass to Whole Foods - they are in season now and pretty orgasmic. LOOK at this mountain of heaven!
Last week I made a 5 ingredient pasta that blew my mind! So easy, so tasty! Click here to view the recipes I've posted on Taste Fresno!
Also, I tried the new Eureka! Burger on Palm & Nees. I'm getting tired and don't really feel like writing a full review of the place, I will only say that they are new and have some kinks to work out. And also, I think they were thoroughly befuddled by their own homemade veggie burger. (1) They made it with beets which is disconcerting to see a bright red/purple thing under the bun. (2) It was barely cooked and had the consistency of an avocado, so while the flavor was good, it was mushy and unappetizing!

Yep, that's all I got for now. Ran 11 miles this morning (The furthest EVER!) and now prepping for bed because I need to meet the group tomorrow morning for another 6 miles at 7am!!

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