Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey Hey...

Shout out to Mintz, my ONLY commenter. I know I don't comment back, but I'm not feeling a lot of love from you guys.

Ok, enough of that! Soo, about that weather. It sure is raining a lot right? Guess what I've never done that I now know I need to?

Yeah, clean my rain gutters! I had a waterfall coming off that sucker! Oh man, that sucks. That seems like a lot of work!

How about eating dinner Saturday nights alone at a restaurant like a loser?! What I won't do to eat at New Stars. Every single person I know had something going on. Work, plans, teeth pulled, diets. So I thought, I'm an independent woman, I can do this. So I put my big girl panties on and had a nice dinner.
That coconut curry chick'n was damn delicious! Felt pretty proud of myself too!

Sunday I tried out the burger joint in the town, The Habit. It was really good. Their attention to detail was excellent, the staff was friendly, the place was clean, and their veggie burger was TASTE EE!
Check out the size of this thing! It was practically not edible! I had to cut it up 4 ways to even be able to bite it! YUM!

On another note, you know what's WONDERFUL? Fresh flowers! There's something about them that makes the whole world better. My mom bought me these today:
Tulips are my favorite. Orange is my favorite color. How can you look at these and not feel better?

So that's what's wassup...!

What's up with you!?!?

Friday, February 19, 2010

What are you reading?

An interesting subject was brought up on The Beehive about reading. My mom and I have always been AVID readers, but it seems in the last few years I don't know anyone who's reading anything. (I'm talking actual books here. Not blogs or online stuff or magazines which I read as well) I found this a little disheartening. However, hearing all these people's book choices was super cool!

I'm currently reading "Eating Animals" and I wonder if people rolls their eyes when I tell them that?

I did see one guy reading a book about George Washington and this was like the strangest thing ever. I totally judged him.  Ha Ha.

I never read romance novels or history topics so I began wondering what my mini book collection says about me. Here's some of my favorites that I keep in the nightstand next to my bed.  Sorta runs the gamut doesn't it?

I don't know what it means.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What more do you want from me!?!?!

Yep, it's 9:48 and I'm ready to go to bed. I've been drinking 64+ ounces of water every day. I've been working 10+ hours a day. Counting calories, drinking my breakfast drink, getting enough fiber, eating right... I've been going to the gym every day (Today I ran 3 miles) and yet I've been unable to wear myself out enough to sleep well. What am I missing here?

Wanted to share a really pretty sunset with you before I jet off to never never land.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A weekend to remember...

Oh Oh, I totally lied to you there with that title. Nothing happened this weekend of any consequence.

However, I figured it's my duty as a blogger to tell you all the mundane things I did anyways. Carry on:

On Saturday I cleaned under the desk in my bedroom. Then I went and got my hair done. I like it.

After my hair appt, I went and picked up Pho at New Stars Vegetarian. MMMM Then I went to my parents and we watched Iron Man. Not really my type of movie, but better than I thought it would be.

Sunday I took HarMar to the groomers because, well - you just look at him. Wake up to this face enough and you'd take him too!

The most exciting part of the weekend, however, involved a little Valentines Day present to myself. You see, I've been itching for a new vacuum cleaner for a while now. I keep waiting for the right time to strike and it finally did! Not only was it on sale, but I had a 10% off coupon as well. Meet the new man in my life. His name is Dyson:
I know I know, that was a stupid picture, but I really do love it! I can tell you someone who doesn't love it though. Someone who had a really bad day and immediately raised the terror threat level to RED!
Boy does he hate this thing! He just sits by it and stares at it, and look at the video of when I attempted to move it!

So anyways, that was my wonderful weekend. What did you do?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Bunny

I don't know if I told you, but this last weekend I took a little jaunt up to Tahoe. "Jaunt" as in 10 hours of dangerous driving into the gaping mouth of a wintery Armageddon.... uhhhhhh oh wait, that was just my mom trying to scare me into safety. It was actually a pretty smooth drive sans the speeding ticket I got!
 I've never been to Tahoe, but it was SOO pretty. We shopped at the little boutiques and I watched people gamble! I also had the realization I'm pretty unaccustomed to snow, mostly because I'm cold during the summers in Fresno so why would I go somewhere where my body gets doused in ice! It snowed all day Saturday which was cool. Look at my car!!

It NEVER snows in Fresno so I was like a kid staring out the windows exclaiming something stupid about the snow over and over. Snowflakes are pretty although this picture makes them look like dirt. ha ha

I didn't sleep well my last night because I was sure the blizzard would force me to spend the next week living off dirty peanut M&M's and recycled urine as I clawed my way out of the largest avalanche the world has ever seen! Oh wait, that was just the scenario my mom came up with as a way of telling me she loves me and her helping me to be more prepared. She loves me A LOT!

Anyways, I woke up and hit the road to try and beat the storm out of town. Umm, turns out things were quite "heavenly"... ah aha ha - Get It? That's the name of the mounta.... ok, anyways, look at the unsafe picture I took while driving!

I made it home safe and sound! Sort of! As I come off the 41 onto Friant (2 miles from home) my brakes start to make a weird sound. I'll never live down the guilt of asking my dad to investigate because he missed the 1st hour of the Super Bowl!!!! BUT, he discovered a bolt that holds together my front brake caliper had fallen off. OMG! Luckily it was a fairly easy fix and we're back to business as usual, but WHEW! That was close.

Anyways, what'd you do this weekend?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You want some of deez nutz...?

What's the lyrics to that Ice Cube song?
You must notta dun good on Fear Factor
Cuz you couldn't eat deez nutz
Big as a tractor...

I know, I know, I'm a closet hard core 90's gangster. LOL Whatever.  Part of my personal betterment always involves diet. I'm trying to drink water UGH UGH and also eat better. I really just believe in balance. I try to cook pure and fresh most of the time and substitute my massive chip/carb cravings with a more natural substitute.

Normally, I would say I count calories (cuz I kinda do) and nuts are high in calories, but I give myself a pass because I've now switched to raw and unsalted nuts. Boring? YES! Tasty? NO! BUT, I can experience the pleasure and process of eating MORE.  I feel like if something is 100% natural and pure you can eat as much of it as you like and it doesn't count. Like broccoli or avocado. MMM

What's up with the Brazil nut though? That sucker IS as big as a tractor! Those are my favorites. The filberts, on the other hand, can suck it! I throw them STRAIGHT in the trash *shivers* pew pew no no.

Oh, and I made the most delicious Chick'n Caccitore Stew on Monday. So simple, and fresh, and YUMMY! I'll try to get the recipe up on One Heavenly Kitchen soon. I've been terrible about finishing my videos. I'll get back into it soon, I promise.
Anyways, that's what I've been up to!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gotta Go -Gotta Go -Gotta Go -GOTTA GO!

So drinking water sucks. Like major. Who's with me? This is flippin' ridiculous!

OMG, your body is 75% water.
HEY, your brain can like die.
WHOA, you've never been hungry, it's a false reaction from your dehydrated body trying to tell you you're thirsty.
UMMM, the only thing more important than water is air.


You know what's more important? Me not being in the bathroom 75% of the day! That's what.

Do you realize that by the time I get to work at 8 (okay okay, 8:20) I'm already DYING to pee for the third, YES THIRD, time of the day. Is this not upsetting to you?

So you're supposed to drink all this water, but isn't frequent urination a problem? I see commercials for "overactive" bladders and you need a pill for that. Also, I thought if you peed too many times a day it was a warning sign for diabetes.

OH. MY. GOD. How will I ever know if I have diabetes now !?!?!?!?

You know that feeling where you don't have to go to pee?.... YOU DO??.... Because I haven't felt that in days. DAYS!  I may have talked about my hatred for water HERE too.

I read on this one site you should have 12 quarts of water a day, double that if you're exercising!!! After using my google conversion chart awesome math skillz, I realized that's anywhere from 3 - 6 GALLONS of water a day. I had to call and yell at my mother for that one. Sorry mom. Of course, she says her rule of thumb was to divide your weight in half and that's how many ounces of water you should drink a day. The women in our family must all be overachievers because both of us are drinking around 90 oz a day! DAMN that's A LOT of water!

Then I read somewhere that says if you don't pee every 3 - 4 hours it's a sign of a problem. Will the medical community please tell me they think it's a problem if you have to go every 3 - 4 MINUTES? Can I get some pills here STAT!?!?

Yeah, not cool dude.

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