Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stuff I forget

I’m always saying to myself - OH, I want that and then when it comes time for me to get something I’m like, what CD was that? What restaurant did I want to try? What what what... I’m a forgetter! So maybe I should try writing it down!

Things I realistically want...

1) I want so many different CD’s!! (Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott, etc)
2) Movies - The Truth About Charlie
3) Smallville Season 6 (available in sept)
4) A bedside carafe from www.cb2.com (the “Twilight Carafe”) Only $14.95! I’m obsessed!
5) The recipe for Flamenco’s garbanzo beans.

Things I UNrealistically want RIGHT NOW...

1) The iPhone. I’m beside myself with excitement - just beside myself
2) Lexus IS350
3) a new MacBook that can run both Windows and OS X
4) A personal assistant
5) The end of religious nonsense LOL
6) To lose 20 lbs. No that’s not too thin BTW!

Well, that’s all I got going on today. TTYL

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Has anyone seen this show? It’s the only hospital in America that specializes in treating the morbidly obese. And let me tell you, they show EVERYTHING on this show. MY GOD! While my boyfriend will agree that I do have an unhealthy fascination with shows like that, deep inside it horrified me.

1st of all - What a county we live in where it’s literally possible to eat ourselves to death. EVEN IF YOU’RE POOR!

2nd of all - What is it like to be so disconnected from yourself that you literally cannot figure out how to change?

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to be still in the present moment. To really grasp reality. I wonder what it’s like to just “check out” and eat 6 cheeseburgers in one sitting? Or an ENTIRE bag of chips? What gets me THE MOST about these shows is the common thread “I don’t really eat much more than the average person.” “I just have a really show metabolism” Well, I would imagine drinking straight gravy would slow my metabolism down too. And we wonder why our children are getting fatter and fatter and fatter? One of the obese ladies kids (who weighed over 300lbs) said that he was starting to have chest pains and his hand was going numb, but he didn’t know what was wrong with him and should probably go to a dr. REALLY!? You don’t know what’s wrong with you? REALLY!?!

Not that I’m skinny. But I’m doing my best to be healthy and not gain any weight! Drinking water, taking my vitamins, more veggies, less breads, no soda (29 days now - WOO HOO) and the like. And exercise. Today I woke up at 5am and walked 2.4 miles! Somewhere in there is the key to weight loss, I just KNOW IT!

Onto subject #2.

What is up with the sexualization of little children? John and I ran to the store to pick out bathing suits for his 2 girls upcoming school trip to the water park. Is wearing a one piece about as uncool as having a head covering these days, or what? EVERYTHING was 2 pieces. Which is fine, I suppose, but even the 2 pieces were a bit risque. Does a 9 year old really need a french cut bikini? John was just about beside himself over a couple of them.

Long story short, we did a great job, found two really cute ones, and all is well. It’s just scary. I know in some morally devoid parts of the country they have thong panties for little girls, but as things go along is this something we’re gonna find at Target now?

Alright folks, that’s my commentary for the day. Little off beat from my normal ramblings, but worth writing about. Am I edgy now Karen?


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