Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ever notice...?

Ever notice how things move in slower motion than a John Woo film?
(Yeah, thats right, I said it. You know Mission Impossible II was only a 20 minute movie in slow motion dragged out to 2 hours)

I mean, I swear to god - I’m just trying to drive from Joann’s Fabrics to my house. That’s less than 4 miles I’m sure! SLOW MOTION people... The traffic lights, the acceleration, the lane changes.... Tom Cruise could have done 3 or 4 spinning kicks AND a motorcycle jump in John Woo land before these people could figure out which one was the gas pedal. Ok, truth be told I’m really enjoying this segment of my blog. Crackin myself up I tell ya!

Ever notice something about yourself that you already knew, but then it hits you RIGHT between the eyes? Like I always say I’m an emotional eater. Listen people... I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER! I just got it today. I was sitting there at work and things got really hectic for a second - phone calls, people paging me, computers breaking, a phone call from my mother... ALL AT ONCE. Guess who blurts out “I’m STARVING!” I wasn’t really hungry, but I had this unbelievable urge to eat. WILD...

Ever notice that you’ve packed your life so full of activities that you never have a moment to rest? I know some of you feel me on this one. Every once in a while I have a bit of an emotional breakdown. When do things slow down? When can I get ahead? How do I decide which thing to let go when I love every single thing I’m doing right now? I don’t know if I could live with myself if I accepted defeat and just went back to being ordinary. I think that’s my realization... I don’t want to be normal, I want super powers. I want to be perfect. I want to be a go to person for EVERYTHING. I want to be super woman. People have started to tell me I’m looking tired. Asking me if I’m “ok” in that weird way where they are really telling you the stress is written all over your face. I keep thinking, no I just need to get better, faster, smarter, more focused, more organized and then I can have it all. Unfortunately, that just brings more responsibility my way.

I know I have a tendency to hoard things... to do them myself so I know they will be done right. Well, so so sadly, I looked at my “to do” list and realized there is nothing left to delegate. It’s 16 things (all work, not even in my personal life) and it’s all ME baby. You know, those things that would take you longer to teach someone than to do yourself. Sigh. Can someone please come over and take my dog for a walk? Take my dry cleaning? Clean my house? Put gas in my car? I need a personal assistant I think. Any takers? no....? :( :( oh... :(

Ever notice that there is a crisis going on with the female gender? Sure girls can get fake nails and do their hair perfectly and shop all day and night... But can they arrange flowers in a vase? Can they throw a dinner party? Can they cook? Are they clever? I’m not just talking about women who stay at home and have all day to refine their craftiness. I work... TRUST ME. But it’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes when it comes to coming up with an original thought. I want to be A WOMAN. Confident and strong, but still cute.. still a compliment to any environment.

Ever notice that you’ve written WAY too much and you have stuff to do? I have to go be crafty now and make a Miss America sash that says “Birthday Boy 2007” on it for this guy at work tomorrow because it’s his birthday and that’s what I do. Have a nice night.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Georgia Peach...

More like Georgia deep fried turkey. These people haven't seen a vegetable or fresh piece of fruit EVER! I know it seems like I'm harping on food all the time, but it certainly is different over here.

Seems the coleslaw here in Georgia is much better than I remember it being in North Carolina. But every vegetable that's come my way has been cooked with a ham hock, laced with beef, or soaked in broth of some sort. Yesterday, I shed a small tear when they offered pasta salad and some green beans. Today was macaroni and cheese and green beans. I was very happy today too. I over ate! I'm sure I've gained 5 lbs. I'm probably at 4,000 calories a day.

Also, it must have been quite some time since I've had big red gum. Did they add some sort of cayenne pepper to it OR WHAT? I'll never buy it again. I bought multipack for all the guys and took a piece and my tongue BURNS. sometimes you just need gum though, so now i'm forced to keep trying this over and over. It's like fire! So then i look at the package and it has a little FLAME on it! Do people really like cinnamon to be that strong?

I wish other people could share my fascination with RV's with me. I'm in AWE of every detail. From the community, to the money, to the business side of it (Sales, salespeople, finance) to the decor/design/advertising, and industry. Do you have any idea how many MILLIONS of dollars I'm sitting here looking out at? Most of you have stopped reading this by now. That's too bad because I was just going to tell you how amazing it is to see these MASSIVE machines drive around. The spaces they fit them in is AMAZING to me.

I miss my yoga classes. It's just impossible to do anything here. I especially hesitate to bend and stretch and breath with all these guys around here. So cut out all exercise and add triple the unheatlhy food - it's not a good combo. My stomach isn't feeling so well right now. I'm starting to suspect those delicious green beans were cooked in chicken broth. They were so salty and good. SIGH.

This is starting to be a really long post isn't it?

Well, I guess I'll wrap it up for now and try to do some work. Or maybe I'll attempt to find a way to keep myself awake since my boss and I went on a grand adventure looking for something cool to do and didn't get back until after 2am! And that left me with only 4 hours sleep!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cheezits & Mt Dew

Who’s with me here? What’s your favorite indulgence? I think I could LIVE on Cheezits and Mt Dew. I’d die at 35, but OMG I would enjoy every snacking moment!!! My 2nd favorite is Cherry Coke and some sort of chocolate. Like those chocolate donettes. Or a Mr Goodbar. Something like that. MMMM MMMM

Anyways, I’m only obsessing on that stuff because I’m trying to be good here. And my boss isn’t making it easy for me. He and I both LOVE soda. And as an attempt to make each other feel less guilty about drinking it, we will buy each other a soda so we don’t have to drink it alone. We both leave on Sunday for Georgia, we just went live with a new computer system, etc etc. Things are busy. So he comes in today with a soda and I was like - YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS... It’s a SICKNESS! And he was like “We’re going out of town anyways, this week is shot, just drink it! Ok, I’m drinking it. UNDER DISTRESS! Yeah right. LOL. He’s too nice to me.

Although, after all this yoga (etc) I am noticing my body looks different. I haven’t really lost any weight (maybe 3 - 4 lbs) but I just feel BUFF! I mean, I have some serious muscles going on in my arms and my legs. Even my stomach. It’s not that there’s any less of me, but it is definitely moving around somehow. I LIKE IT! I feel really good about myself :) I know it’s kinda cheesy to most of you with the hug yourself, love yourself yoga thing, but I don’t care what you all say now. I’m happy, I’m like myself, and I’m starting to get majorly healthy.

So I’m starting to get excited about my trip to Georgia. Don’t ask me why. Macon, GA isn’t exactly a cool place. Although I did just find out that on our way back home we are going to be spending the night in Atlanta for St Patricks day. Yup Yup, me and the PERV crew drinking in the ATL. LOL! Am I gangsta or what? 1 bad part tho is that we fly out at the ungodly hour of 6am. Think that’s bad enough? Well, apparently the time changes that morning so we lose an ADDITIONAL hour. That means by the end of Sunday I’ll have lost essentially FOUR HOURS. sigh. Not everything can be perfect right?

OH!! and for any of you interested, we’re doing some awesome stuff for the make a wish foundation here at my work. I’m on the committee. If any of you like Gold Canyon Candles, let me know! We are selling them to raise money (Over 50% of the proceeds go towards our goal!) Also, we are having a huge company sponsored yard sale at the beginning of April. If you have old clothes or toys or furniture or ANYTHING you just want gone - let me know. You will get a receipt from Make-a-Wish for a tax write off and then we will sell the stuff at the yard sale. The little girl we are sponsoring is named Ashley. She’s 6 and has kidney tumors that keep her isolated in the house and on chemotherapy. Her wish is to go to Disneyland with her family in May.

Ok folks - that’s it for me. I gotta get back to work. Have a good one!

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