Monday, February 28, 2005

My Hate List

(This is the list that started it all...)
My Hate List... READ IT - It's FUNNY!

That being said, here's somethings I hate!

People who say 'holla at your boy'

Profiles that say 'I'm an open book' but say nothing ELSE about them

People who inspire acts of Road Rage!! Why would you drive slow in the fast lane? WHY? It is by nature

Microsoft Windows (Because MAC RULES!)

Target because their fucking icon is a dog, but they don't allow dogs inside!

McDonalds because they don't offer ANYTHING vegetarian and their website won't even allow you to send a comment (I NEED TO BE HEARD - how dare they refuse my right to give them my opinion!)

AT&T for selling to Cingular - the crappiest service ever called a SERVICE

Going to any eating establishment, asking for Mt Dew and having the waitress say "Sorry, we don't have Mt Dew, but we have Sprite!... SINCE WHEN does Sprite being in a fucking green bottle make it ANYWHERE NEAR Mt Dew? I HATE THAT!

People who can't accept that the potato is BY FAR the purest most versatile vegetable to ever grow from the ground!

People who say "Spank You Very Much" - I'm sorry, that's gay!

Someone has to say it... Carls Jr commercials. Are meat eaters and men really SO retarded that they can't even make their way in and out of a grocery store? And seriously, the dripping and the messiness... I am not in their demographic AT ALL!

THE MULLET! Now granted, I love to stare in FASCINATION at people who have them, but Jesus Christ, it's just not a good look FOR ANYONE!

People who insist on changing their cell phone ring tones in public. Just because YOU are bored while waiting for your waitress or a movie to start or whatever, DO NOT subject me to the constant noise pollution of your idiotic habit!

When you tell a waiter/waitress that you are a vegetarian in order to ask questions about the menu and they say... do you eat fish? Since when did a fish lose its classification as a living animal?

Bible beaters.... Seriously if your life has been so sheltered that all you have is a book to thump and a name to say OVER AND OVER AND OVER again and that actually offers you solutions and brings you comfort then GOOD FOR FUCKING YOU, but keep it to yourself, some of us have other things in this world and other ideas and we don't want or need you to keep repetively shoving it down our throats. When passing judgement, blackmail, fear, or shame become 2nd hand nature to you and seem like something NORMAL or good, then you need a wake up call that even i'm not qualified to give you! Enough said!

People who try to add you but never send you a message! How is this defined as "Friend?"

People who type in all caps. Are ya kiddin me? Its crazy talk - just plain crazy. I instantly know you aren't quite right in the head if I'm getting a letter or an email and it's in all CAPS.

People who perpetuate chain letters, urban legends, and stuff that's just STUPID! No, there's not blood in ketchup, needles in movie seats, or AIDS on shopping cart handles... NO, that's not the latest virus - or you would have heard about it on every news station on the planet... NNNOOO, forwarding that shit does not make something pop up on your screen, give you the answer to a joke, or make you money. Or did it just not work the last 200 times, but your willing to try it again? GOSH! Make the idiocy stop!

Women who don't know how to cook. My generation and those after me are in serious crisis

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Story of my life

This is something I wrote... It's not really applied to anyone specific, but could work for just about everyone... My mom, my ex husband... you know...

Out of myself I give everything
Asking nothing in Return
But its the world i need to make mine
Better take it quick, it has to be on time

Empty & aching I push thru your attitude
I never needed you
It's strength I'm making
It's you I'm faking
It's my life I'm taking

Your selfish agenda comes too soon
Actions show you never cared
I prove myself while you sit & stare

I thought one person couldn't change the world
But you did it to me quietly
I thought I needed love to see light
But you burned me ever so slightly

It's a black night & a bright white all at once
I feel sick, but still I wait for you to change your mind
To sit by me and feed me praise
Raise me up with your lies
Under your skin I can see behind your eyes

But now I understand
It's you who brought me into this world
But took everything I am

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