Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worst timing ever...

Yeah, I think I'm getting sick. With all the swine flu mumbo jumbo, my body would choose TODAY to mimic all the symptoms of a pandemic virus...

Anyways, I figure tons of Mountain Dew & Chocodiles Emergen-C will cure just about all of my ailments right?

It could be anything actually. I've never experienced allergies before, but I have strange "pressure" in my head/nose/ear area. Is that SINUS related?!

They say there are only 2 reasons people move to the valley - You either want allergies or you're an allergy doctor. I made it 30 years. THIRTY. YEARS. before it got me. Sigh.

I know myself though. I need to drink water, lay down, sleep well, and I'll be over it it like nothing. I know you all think I'm unhealthy because of all the Mountain Dew love, but to be honest (besides that gaping hole of hypocrisy) I'm probably the healthiest person you know and haven't been sick in nearly two years. That's pretty good, eh?

Alright, finishing work and going home to recoup!


OH yeah, and PS - The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday and my mom is planning just about the most intense Derby Party I've ever imagined. Should be cool!

"Run for the Roses!"

I'll post pics next week sometime if I don't die while drinking my weight in Mint Juleps. Seriously, the recipe is 4oz of bourbon, 1/4 cup of simple syrup & a sprig of mint. Shouldn't we just do shots and chew on the mint after cuz WOW... I'm making up a word now and sayin' we're gonna get Kentucky Krunk up in the hizouse!


brodiemash April 30, 2009 at 9:52 AM  

Damn, that sucks. Hope you feel better and keep pounding the Dew's! I think sometime next week they'll make the announcement that Dew is the H1N1 cure and we'll be considered pioneers!

Michael April 30, 2009 at 10:35 AM  

The pressure you had definitely sounds like allergies. And it must be a turning 30 thing cause as soon as I hit 30 I started getting them bad enough to start buying Claratin by the shipping container.

Oh and I was starting to feel sick the day of the Blogger Olympics (which I assume is the reason I lost), so you may have caught something from me. Yet another reason to not like me. :D

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