Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cool Nerd - OH YEAH

Sometimes thoughts just come to me & I scribble them down & then nothing happens - like this tidbit I apparently wrote 3 weeks ago, but don’t even remember. I believe there is a missing segue somewhere in there between nerds/technology and growing a garden to make it through armageddon. (WTF?) I chuckled - it’s the last paragraph that got me! SO RANDOM!

Things I do that make me a nerd:

1) Point out all Apple products whenever I see one.
2) Get really upset when TV shows use the “COOL” looking Macs, but block the Apple or portray that a Dell runs the better looking OS X. #FAIL
3) Use the word #FAIL
4) Reference all of my information sources as coming from the internet. “I heard Michelle is in Disneyland” means I saw her MySpace status told me that. Haven’t actually talked to Michelle! Or “People have been saying there’s a new sports bar downtown” means I saw on someones Twitter stream about it. I haven’t talked to anyone or seen the news or read the newspaper in years.
5) Use the internet or my iPhone to check facts or spelling or history in the middle of a debate. Especially if this debate is not happening face to face (Although I usually fess up that I cheated after being declared the winner... USUALLY...)

Here’s my point... Why do we always insist on doing everything the hard way when technology is here to help you? Seriously?

Old school clocks, math, and stick shift cars are taking the blunt of my wrath right now.

Its not like I am inept. I could grow a garden too, but seems a bit easier to go to the grocery store than be out back sweating and harvesting the land. Armageddon is already coming, I’ll rest up until then, thank you!


MLDina April 2, 2009 at 1:42 PM  

Your post made me laugh- Twitter is the new conversation. I don't call my social media friends, I tweet at them. There's something to be said about the personal interaction, though. While the grocery store (Twitter, in this case), is more convenient, sometimes it's better to plant some seeds (network in person).

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