Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm so chill...

..ed to the bone 24 hours a day. Do you understand how uncomfortable it is to be cold all the time?

Text conversation this morning:

FRIEND: Got cool last night.

ME: Oh Geez, I better bring a jacket! It’s only gonna be 73 today!

FRIEND: Ha Ha that was funny! You were trying to be funny, right?

ME: LOL Ummm should I take this jacket off then?

Yeah yeah, I know people laugh at me. People in Wisconsin are probably happy if it breaks 50 degrees and I’ve got goose bumps if it dips under 80.

AH WELL, what’re ya gonna do? I guess move to one of the few places in California (that's not the desert) where temperatures can reach a sweltering 115 degrees. I'll be revising this post and cursing the sun at an unnamed later date. (Or going up to the lake a lot. Hopefully my parents get the houseboat/speedboat/jetskis all ready soon. I can't wait!)

I love Fresno!


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