Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Water Under the Bridge

I bet you think this is going to be another one of those deep emotional posts that I’ve been on a roll with lately. Well, it’s not, sorry.

Actually, I’ve read 3 completely random blogs this week talking about censoring and not putting everything you’ve ever felt and heard up on the internet... UHHHHH - OOOPS, too late for that!

Actually, one of them was more about being true and authentic to yourself. I think I can honestly say that, while I’m contradictory and often confused, I am true to myself in those moments. I don’t even know if anyone reads this drivel, but I’m not making apologies. This whole blog is about me and for me. I release all that pent up *WHATEVER* into the universe so I can go back to being happy go lucky. Unfortunately, for YOU, dear reader, I’m often only inspired to write when something is “agitating” or “sad” or “upsetting” or overall negative. And, secretly, I think I’m at my funniest when I’m a little dry and sarcastic and dark too. So, lets try something new.

What’s with this stuff they call water? SOO overrated. It doesn’t even have a taste, but I hate the way it tastes, especially for it’s lack of taste. There’s a proof-read sentence. HA! What can I say, I write like I talk. I’m not dumb, but I fear the valley girl in me just came out. I hate water. I know you need it to like live and stuff, but UGH, totally!

WIth 2009 here, I thought a good goal for the new year would be “moderation”... I’m sort of an EXCESS girl - very over the top, and being that just a couple posts ago, I admitted to drinking a record breaking amount of energy drinks and Mt Dew, I figured a little water wouldn’t hurt.

So I scaled back, no Rockstar in the morning - water instead. Only 2 Mt Dews a day, water in between. Glass of wine at night, water when I go to bed. I have never peed more in my life... Why do we even need to drink water??? It’s like in and out in 5 seconds. Don’t message me about the kidneys either - those things are busy doing a whole lotta nothing... (Shakes head) Water...


I try to make it taste better by using an orange cup which is MY FAVORITE COLOR!
Here I am in a photo montage - see if you can guess what I’m thinking- and yes, I have a hair appointment this Saturday - don't look at the hair.


MilesPerHour January 7, 2009 at 7:46 AM  

OOOO, I love Rockstar1 I limit myself to drinking it only on roodtrips which don't happen too often. Good Luck wit dat!

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