Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, I'm in a picture taking mood and I actually did something exciting this last weekend, so why not share that with the world right?

Back in... uhhh... 1994... I went snowboarding for the first time... AND I LOVED IT! I think that was about the time they "invented" snowboarding! Admittedly, being around at the INVENTION of something makes me feel really old... SO we're gonna move on!!!

Sometime between 1994 and 1996 there were some really cute boys up at the summit. Boys I decided I wanted to hang out with. So I left my group and I followed these cute boys into the woods, off the beaten path, over the jumps, and then down the hill to the hospital to get the necessary cast put on my arm - because - well - I suck at snowboarding - and I break easy - and god keeps telling me to appreciate my desk job - but I don't listen well and I am a REALLY slow learner!

Actually I did go again thru 2000, but by then I was married and busy and somehow I looked at the calendar and NINE YEARS WENT BY and I realized I hadn't been! And I own the boots and the board and all the stuff too! So yeah...lame!

This time I went with cute boys I do know.

Boys who are really good and do jumps and stuff:

And they even said I didn't hold them up at all! Actually they held me up, as in each grabbed a shoulder as we got off the lift probably because I do know how to play human dominoes! No, seriously...

I wish you could see my cute snowboard. It has goldfish on it :) I also wish you could see me reppin' my hardcore Pantera shirt, but that's ok - I already know I'm super cool! HA!

Actually, I had lots of fun, didn't get too competitive and push myself, and I didn't break anything! I just needed to get my confidence back that I can actually go outside and not fall apart. If I go again I'll try more things I think!

The year before last was a milestone when I got a bike for my birthday and I FREAKED out because I hadn't rode a bike since I broke my leg... and I was sure I was going to die. Now I can ride my bike without dying and it's awesome - especially since I live right next to a lake and our cities nicest park/bike trail...

Now, dare I try to overcome my fear of RollerBlading next? (Yes yes, you guessed it, broke my elbow doing that...) Maybe I better just stick to the basics...


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