Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh really?

For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of a nature freak. I take more pride than I can explain to you in coming home from multiple stores and having nothing to throw away! I bring canvas bags with me and even mesh bags for my vegetables. I HATE waste and actually have intense energy directed at baggers and cashiers who can't figure out how to do it right.

Actually, I just had a gathering at my house last weekend and everyone kept asking me for paper plates and cups so they didn't dirty any dishes. OMG, PLEASE DIRTY A DISH rather than throw something away. I forced everyone to use real stuff. 5 minutes of extra work is nothing, geez!

Also, Fresno has been really big on their "Buy Local" campaign. I agree with this. I like feeling like I'm a part of something and doing something good. Plus, here in Fresno, the fruit basket of the world, buying vegetables and fruit from local farms is diverse, affordable, and awesome! When I saw this sign at Vons I was so happy since I needed squash anyways:

HOWEVER, upon further inspection, I think someone needs a geography lesson. Either that or it's A LOT smaller world than I originally imagined:



Mintzworks July 30, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

okay, I finally got time to ask at Vons.

The objects ARE locally grown, but then are shipped throughout the world with the label 'USA and Mexico' because our Central Valley product isn't known or understood by, say, anyone.

'Locally Grown,' however, can mean pretty much anywhere in California AND Mexico, as long as it's northern Mexico. Weird. How can 'locally grown' be a 700 mile swath? I guess to someone in Switzerland it doesn't seem like much, but Marisa, your point is pretty darn well made.

But in reading older posts of yours, chill out on the excess plastic baggage, mmkay? You're scaring the under-IQ'd set at Target.

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