Sunday, July 12, 2009

*Cute Puppy Alert*

Well, I think you all know I'm partial to HarMar the greatest cutest *ALL MAN* Yorkie of all kind.

However, in lieu of telling you a long story, my parents had a little scotty dog at their house yesterday. He was VISCIOUS! ALL TEETH! Look at this creature from the deep!

Oh wait, he's just all mouth and I caught him mid yawn.

Just had to share.


Mintzworks July 17, 2009 at 12:57 AM  

This would have received more comments had you written from the doggie's standpoint: Something along the lines of:

This is the woman I own. She's really cute, right? I mean, she makes it so I don't have to use my legs on the floor at ALL. She picks up my poop. My POOP of all things!

I watched my cute woman take a picture of me yawning. I don't get human wimmenfolk. All they care about is my sleeping habits and whether or not I'm going to chew things.

But don't tell her this secret...when she's gone during the day, I chew on the dark couch corner and pretend its a chocodile.

That's why we like each other, I think. But when she's sleeping at night, and I climb near her face, she tries to take bites out of ME, sleepy-saying 'mmmmm...chocodogggggg...'

I'll never understand human women. I wonder if anyone will.

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