Saturday, July 18, 2009

My will to live is gone...

Yeah. That's pretty much what 3 hours of computer repair will do to you. And I use the word "REPAIR" lightly being as I didn't fix a god damn thing!

My parents are the type of technological people that have their fans and lights and waterfalls hooked up to an intricately wired remote control system yet still use disposable cameras because they don't quite trust what that digital thing is gonna do. Where's the printouts? Sigh.

Long story short I go over there and I use the wireless and everyone is happy. One day, wireless stops working. Tech support tells my mom to buy a new router. I enter the picture tonight to install new router. I've called everyone. I spent 30 minutes talking to AT&T about their connection and over an hour talking to the Netgear people. Same problem as before. You can plug in and connect just fine, but no wireless. As usual - everyone I spoke to blames Apple. SIGH!

Oh wait, what's that? I'm typing this blog, wirelessly from MY house right now? OH and I was on the wireless at work all day today? Yeah, it's my computer that doesn't know how to connect to a network.

Oh, if I pay $99 to extend the warranty on the thing I JUST TOOK OUT OF THE BOX.. TTTTHHHEEEENNNNN you'll be able to fix my problem?

OMG. I'm so frizzle frazzled!! Plus, I actually think I have some decent computer skillz... so for me to be in this position with NO idea how to fix it is making me insane. Time for bed. UGHH!


MilesPerHour July 18, 2009 at 4:10 AM  

Man do I feel your pain. Going thrugh the same issues myself.

Mintzworks July 18, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

Apples can only use apples. Not oranges.

Come out tonight to Starline Grill and I'll buy you an appletini ;-)

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