Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My life in The Bell Jar...

Anyone read that book The Bell Jar? I got clear to the end before I realized she had gone crazy. Actually, she made PERFECT sense to me the entire way through and I’m not sure what that means. HA HA HA.

Today's early morning meeting at work ended with a motivational video about the importance of AA. Attitude and Activities (which they say are the only 2 things a person can control) In case you didn’t know, I’m list maker from birth. Eventually I will be the crazy lady with many crazy scribbles of paper surrounding me, but for now, I just have a regular list. Read my Bonus #10 & #11 for further proof.

Is it crazy that I made a list of making this post about making a list? Here’s a pic of me with my Work To Do list and my Blog topics list.

These were the things I thought the world should know. Seriously, when I die and you all rush to my blog to read what makes me ME, what will you all think? How crazy do you all think I am?

1) There is a lady here at work who keeps here hair brush on the counter in the bathroom. It’s a crappy brush with her name scrawled in marker on it. I’m sure we have a problem with people stealing anonymously used hair brushes around here. Actually, if someone would steal a used hairbrush, maybe they would just USE it leave it there for you to catch something. It bothers me SERIOUSLY! Funny that she would mark HER stuff, but she’s the one responsible for “THIS”... sooo.... ummm.... Now I’m upset all over again!

2) Has anyone seen the commercials for Smooth Away ?? This is commercial grade sandpaper being marketed as a hair removal technique for women! Hell, Why not sell lava or battery acid? How come you don’t throw in a free belt sander? Outrageous!

3) The vent fan in the women’s bathroom here sounds like someone just started up a diesel generator! It’s distracting and a bit scary.

4) I feel that if I drink 1 thermos of water for every bottle of soda - it has a balancing effect and then I won’t need a kidney transplant.

5) Do other people think/write lists like this?

6) I like that commercial where those old ladies do donuts in their kitchen and then drive ALL THE WAY to the top of the Grand Canyon in their Hover-round carts. My grandpa had a Jazzy with an orange flag on the back of it - that was cool!

7) What’s up with that Octuplets mom? I couldn’t even watch the whole TV interview last night. She’s SO wackadoodle it doesn’t make any sense and I think the public should be outraged. I’m extra offended because I don’t even like kids and have no desire to even have ONE... The idea of FOURTEEN is enough to make me get my tubes tied for realz yo!

8) I am funny. I clicked back a couple posts to research my “click here” links and started laughing. Of course the world needs to read this and laugh along with my neurosis/psychosis/crazy/I don’t know even know ideas. HA HA HA


Anonymous February 12, 2009 at 8:35 AM  

"5) Do other people think/write lists like this?" Three little letters my dear....O-C-D. And the Red Bull is probably analogous to pouring gasoline on to a fire! Hahahaha


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