Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have the makings of a fat girl!

Well, no one really has anything to talk about right now, so I'm gonna write a lame post too.

I'm going to admit something to you that will gross out a lot of you. I really like mayonnaise. Like really like it! I put mayo on my broccoli. I totally load up an inch thick on sandwiches, potato salad, etc.

In fact, friends of my family own the Ak-mak cracker place. At the factory, the bread starts out in big sheets like lavash bread. And instead of baking it into a cracker, if you put it in a plastic bag and spray it with water, it's the most delicious soft yummy bread ever. My friend and I would go to the factory, pick up a big bag of the bread, stop at Savemart and buy a jar of mayo and we'd sit there and just dip the bread in the mayo and eat the whole thing. (Will you ever look at me the same?)

I read that Jennifer Aniston used to eat mayo sandwiches. I totally related! My mom totally banned me from mayo for like a year. But I'm an adult now and I just ate broccoli for dinner and HELL YEAH I put mayo on it. YUM!! Do I have the makings of a fat girl, or what?

I just found out my favorite restaurant closed down. I'm so sad about it! Flamenco Tapas of Spain was totally awesome! I'm hoping I can get the recipe for their Garbanzo beans though. I won't live without that!

I totally had something else to write about and then Biggest Loser came on and here I am writing about eating mayonnaise straight from the jar and I sorta lost focus. OH NO!

Okay, funny OCD story. I'm pretty sure there is either a test or a case study or just a plain conspiracy going on in my house. We have a strange sort of bermuda triangle/house of mirrors thing going on in our hallway. It sort of Y's off and there are 7 doors there. A bathroom, 3 bedrooms, 2 closet doors, and 1 to the garage. It's not that I have a thing about doors being closed, but I think closet doors should be shut. EVERY time I go down the hallway 1 or both are cracked. It makes me INSANE. I HAVE to close them. I could shut the doors, walk into my bedroom, go to the kitchen, and head back towards my bedroom and the are cracked again. I'm pretty sure my roomies are running out of their rooms, cracking the door, and hiding again. Do they notice that the door is cracked? Both those closets are not mine and I never open them. So, when they open the door, how do they not shut it all the way? Do they notice that I always walk by and shut the doors? Random, I know, but I'm pretty sure this is comical.

Today was like a crazy busy day at work. I had FOUR meetings and the internet was down. I didn't even leave until after 7 and now I've barely eaten and sat down and it's 9pm. UGH!

Well, Har Mar is frantically trying to talk to me right now. He's pawing at my face, jumping in my lap and onto my laptop and being quite dramatic. I think he wants some food so I'm gonna go feed him. Have a good one my friends.


justme November 20, 2008 at 6:14 AM  

I have to say your mayo fettish sorta eeks me out ;0)

Mayo - yech!

I am a Miracle Whip girl myself. A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without the tangy zip of Miracle Whip, don'tcha know?

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