Friday, August 29, 2008

What does a $1,500 cup of coffee taste like?

Well, to be honest with you, I'll probably never find out. Not only do I not really care for coffee, but I certainly don't have $1,500.

However, today I was talking with a coworker who recently discovered his wife was spending nearly $200 a month at Starbucks. In an effort to cut costs (And in his accountant brain) he has deduced that $1,500 is a reasonable amount to spend on a coffee maker. Not only do you not skimp on quality, but it will pay for itself within 6 months.

Honestly, I LITERALLY fell out of my chair when he told me price. WHERE can you even purchase a $1,500 coffee maker, I ask? He tells me me he bought it from this store he can't even pronounce the name of. "Sur La Table" (Pronounced Sir La Tob) I say?

YES YES, that's it... Apparently they demo it for you, giving you potent cup after cup of the stuff until you are so jacked up you think you might die if you don't get that same fix tomorrow and you make your purchasing decision without all your faculties!

So tonight, As I'm doing my yoga, my mind began to wander... What does a $1,500 coffee maker look like? So I looked it up... and I made the most amusing discovery...

For $1,500 what you get is the rights to say you own the machine with the snobbiest longest craziest, could have only been invented by someone who had drank a whole pot of this liquid heroin name... AND IT IS THE...

DeLonghi® Esclusivo Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

I want you to pretend you've been up for 4 days on a weekend gone wrong crank bender and then yell out that name.

WOW... the DeLonghi® Esclusivo!!! Magnifica!!! Digital Super!!-Automatic!!! Espresso Machine !!!!!!!!
If it wasn't so long that I can't even remember it, I would say that all the time!


Anonymous August 30, 2008 at 12:31 PM  

$1,500? Fffft...that's nothing. Check out this $11,000 monster that is the zenith of coffee geekdom...and it only brews coffee ONE CUP AT A TIME.

Finally somebody figured out how to make coffee MORE expensive than cocaine...and in a shiny ADHD package to boot so you have something to fiddle with at 3am when you're on a sleepless, teeth grinding caffeine bender!


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