Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Draw the line in the sand

Yes my friends... I need to hear your collective battle cries here.

I am a lone soul waging war against Charmin the toilet paper conglomerate. It’s Tiananman Square all over again. (Not that I really know what happened there, but I’m pretty sure it was one ballsy asian business man standing in front of a tank... LOL)

I want you to know that simply as a boycott to how much I HATE their advertising, I refuse to purchase Charmin toilet paper. Ask my roommates... They have a Costco sized load of it in the closet and I go buy my own, thank you very much!

I know, I know - nobody reads this and thinks it’s a problem. All they think is, God, this Marisa chick has some major issues...


What’s it going to take to make you understand here? Have you seen the most recent one? It’s not bad enough - the whole bear debacle of the millennium - now they are mixing it with food. Last night, I sat at my parents, an unsuspecting victim of visual abuse as I watched a family of bears slop around scoops of different colored ice cream.

I don’t even know how it relates... I DON’T KNOW! But I’ll tell you one thing I DO KNOW. I don’t like thinking about eating ice cream and using the restroom in the same thought process.



Anonymous August 22, 2008 at 2:05 PM  

I can see what you are getting at. The first commercial that you blogged about was pretty disturbing. I don't need to see little flakes of TP on a bears ass to make any decisions about my purchase. I don't really think that the Ice cream one was that bad though. There are worst combinations of things to think about than Ice cream and the restroom. In fact I can remember numerous time in my life when I had just gotten home from Thrifty's and I went to the restroom while eating ice cream.
I am not a big fan of their commercials but I am a big fan of Charmin. They make the best and softest TP that I have ever used.

A long time ago I used to buy the cheapest Costco brand TP. Then when I moved out of my parents house and started college. I had no money so I would acquire all my TP by stealing it from gas stations. It is pretty easy once you get your hands on the little plastic keys.

Then one day I was shopping with my amazingly beautiful girlfriend when she told me something that changed my life. We were in the TP section at a store and she said that she was almost out of TP. I had been making little jokes about the fact that most of the things that she had put in her cart so far were off brand generic products. When she reached for the TP she grabbed the very over priced Charmine Ultra. I asked her what she was doing and she said to me: "Never go cheap on your ass."
I have lived by that ever since.

Long Live the MEGA Roll!!!

-Jason O

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