Sunday, August 17, 2008

The fulfilling illusion of cleanlisness and my will to survive against nature...

hahahahaha - what a title eh? Let me explain (And just keep reading, I will bring it full circle)

Years and years ago, there was this show on PBS called "The 1800's House - and it was awesome. They basically did REAL reality TV and took people and put them in the old house and they had to live like it was 1800 with lye and coal and whatever was available at the time. I suppose they were weatlhy 1800's people cuz they had electricity and the first light bulbs and they had a maid, etc... but still - it was a cool show. The women wanted to die from the corsets and it was just a lot of work.

Well, one of the things on the show that stuck with me, was at the end. I guess, not only did they have to wash their clothes by hand, but they had to scrub with lye and amonia and vodka or whatever the original cleaners were. We're talking no lemon pledge here... No lemon ANYTHING! So after the show was over, one of the things the family was saying is how ASSAULTED with scents they were when they got out. There was lotion, and detergent, and cleaners, and pinesol and it was overwhelming.

Now, I have a house cleaner. And every other Thursday is a joyous day for me. I LOVE to come home and see the lines in the carpet and the pillows fluffed and new sheets on the bed, etc etc. However, in an effort to be more responsible and eco friendly I have recently made the conversion over to all natural cleaners. It's a decision I have made to help save the environment and also because I think those harsh chemicals can't be healthy to inhale all the time. HOWEVER, I have to say every other Thursday has lost some appeal. There is something to be said for opening your garage door and choking on the ever apparent smell of lemon and bleach. Now I walk through the house and I think - did she even come today? Well, the money on the table is gone - I guess so.... (FROWN) It's not like the house smells bad - it just doesn't smell at all. And I hate it. I want it to smell like lemons gosh darnit! The house could be MORE clean, but isn't it funny the illusion of cleanliness we are now obsessed with? Okay, so that's all I had to write about it. I just returned from the grocery store after resisting many isles of internal dialog to buy some 409 and Pledge and Pinesol and really get the house all scented up again - so I figured I had to write about it.

Now, all that being said - does anyone realize the fact that spiders are taking over the world. This is just like that Mimic movie where the cockroaches took over the world. LOL (Well, I haven't watched it in a while, but it was something like that) I'm not good with math here, but there was a black widow in my garage not smaller than my fist this afternoon that I had to kill.

Of course, it's been a while since I lived in the country and I got WD-40 confused with carborator cleaner (The best black widow killer ever) so really what I did is run into my garage and just really grease up and enrage a poisonous and terrifying creature! OMG. I got it though. And 3 others!!! I had to call in backup for the one under the keypad/gate entrance to my complex... But for a couple days things should be ok. That is unless the family of venomous death that lives under the threshold of my front door decides they want a piece of me. And I'm positive theres one living under my entertainment center, but I haven't quite determined if my heart is healthy enough to tackle those beasts yet. I'll keep you posted!


justme October 8, 2008 at 9:37 AM  


As you stated in your 'we could be the same person minus the wifey and kid part' statement on my blog, I COMPLETELY 100 Million % agree with you on the fact that it just doesn't feel clean unless it smells like bleach and lemon. And Murphy's Oil soap. That is the one thing I have hated about my journey to more eco-friendly cleaning. Although, ever so slowly, watered down vinegar smell is starting to make my brain think clean (I use vinegar on my hard wood floors now). BUT, my heart leapt with joy last night when I found a Murphy's oil soap bottle under the sink with just enough in it for ONE MORE floor cleaning, and I am just gonna have to use it this weekend...wouldn't want to let it go to waste ;0) hehehe...

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