Saturday, August 23, 2008

Inane Competitiveness

Well... That about covers it. I'm in a race. A competition. Who can fill their day with the most random and unimportant shit. I'll start - see if you can beat me.

1) I went to bed at 10 pm and slept until 10:30 am. Not bad. 12 hours down.

2) I got up and watched making the band and ate pesto torta and crackers with an energy drink for breakfast.

3) I took a shower.

4) I gave the dog a bath.

5) I rotated my mattress.

6) I steam cleaned the carpets in the house.

7) I cleaned the grill that is built into my stove.

8) I detailed my car.

9) I cleaned the garage and swept all the webs around the house.

10) I took apart and cleaned my vacuum cleaner. It seemed too dirty to "clean" something and needed a good scrubbing.

By this time I realized it was only 2:30 :( I went thru my recipe book and picked out what I wanted for dinner. I called my parents and went over to their place and made them dinner.

Tell me you have ever had a more productive day. I doubt you have! I also doubt you were as sad and mopey and I have been! Today totally sucked! But anyways... what have you been up to?


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