Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Bunny

I don't know if I told you, but this last weekend I took a little jaunt up to Tahoe. "Jaunt" as in 10 hours of dangerous driving into the gaping mouth of a wintery Armageddon.... uhhhhhh oh wait, that was just my mom trying to scare me into safety. It was actually a pretty smooth drive sans the speeding ticket I got!
 I've never been to Tahoe, but it was SOO pretty. We shopped at the little boutiques and I watched people gamble! I also had the realization I'm pretty unaccustomed to snow, mostly because I'm cold during the summers in Fresno so why would I go somewhere where my body gets doused in ice! It snowed all day Saturday which was cool. Look at my car!!

It NEVER snows in Fresno so I was like a kid staring out the windows exclaiming something stupid about the snow over and over. Snowflakes are pretty although this picture makes them look like dirt. ha ha

I didn't sleep well my last night because I was sure the blizzard would force me to spend the next week living off dirty peanut M&M's and recycled urine as I clawed my way out of the largest avalanche the world has ever seen! Oh wait, that was just the scenario my mom came up with as a way of telling me she loves me and her helping me to be more prepared. She loves me A LOT!

Anyways, I woke up and hit the road to try and beat the storm out of town. Umm, turns out things were quite "heavenly"... ah aha ha - Get It? That's the name of the mounta.... ok, anyways, look at the unsafe picture I took while driving!

I made it home safe and sound! Sort of! As I come off the 41 onto Friant (2 miles from home) my brakes start to make a weird sound. I'll never live down the guilt of asking my dad to investigate because he missed the 1st hour of the Super Bowl!!!! BUT, he discovered a bolt that holds together my front brake caliper had fallen off. OMG! Luckily it was a fairly easy fix and we're back to business as usual, but WHEW! That was close.

Anyways, what'd you do this weekend?


Mintzworks February 8, 2010 at 1:47 AM  

Your Dad rocks! Of course, he also coulda waited til the end of the Super Bowl, or found it during halftime, but I'm glad he found it cuz that bolt can hit the wrong place and BAM your car stops dead.

"M&M Peanuts and recycled urine" made me laugh out loud.

Where are the cute ski-bunny photos?

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