Monday, March 15, 2010

QUICK Weekend Update

Oh my gosh, I've been gone. I've been down. I've been up. I've been all over the place.

Here's a quick recap in pictures.

Starting Thursday, my parents went up to their friends cabin and I got to hang with my brother. It was pretty cool as we don't really spend much time together. Even when I'm there, he's all wrapped up in his phone and his video games, so now he was all mine.

We went to the gym together and the child wore jeans. JEANS! It was unbelievable! I am SO JEALOUS of someone who doesn't know what it's like to experience shame. HA!

I do love food and he's 17 and hollow, so he likes to eat too. We went and tried Chapala grill which was very tasty. We went and tried Batter Up Pancakes which was delicious!

We went to the Tower District Saturday night and watched Travis Sheridens "Man in Labor" Rogue show. That was entertaining and I won a $50 gift certificate to Trelio's! I AM SO STOKED ABOUT THAT!

On Sunday we ventured Downtown and tried lunch at Iron Bird Cafe. This was really really tasty and I would like to go back there again for lunch sometime soon!

After mom and dad got home, I was unsuccessful at fixing her iPod which was frustrating for all! Sorry mom, your house is like a Technological Bermuda Triangle. Some weird unexplained shit happens within those 4 walls.

When I got home Sunday night I decided to make myself a (fake) Chicken Caesar Salad. Everyone makes fun of me because I'm just cooking for me and just make and eat it straight out of a big bowl. What's the point of serving it into a smaller bowl when I'm just going to eat it all anyways? It just dirties another bowl. So here's a picture... Make fun of me all you want!

And sometimes, life is just rough and you need a nice glass of wine to savor. Cheers my friends!

On the note, daylight savings time is kicking my butt and getting to work at 7am tomorrow is going to punish me severely. SO I better get to bed! GOOD NIGHT!


Mintzworks March 15, 2010 at 11:52 PM  

NO ONE is making fun of you for eating out of a big bowl.

MANY are making fun of you for making tofu chinese chicken salad. Even vegans are noting just how MUCH tofu is in that bowl!

Batter-up pancakes looks YUM.

oneheavenlyheart March 16, 2010 at 9:11 AM  

I hate tofu. That's imitation chicken which is VERY similar to the real thing. And for a giant bowl, I think 1 cup of chick'n is an acceptable amount. SETTLE DOWN NOW!

PS- it's Caesar Salad (not Chinese), which as you may know, Caesar dressing has anchovies in it. I have found a decent one at Trader Joes that doesn't, so this is a treat for me.


Anonymous March 18, 2010 at 12:35 PM  

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