Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Hey - I should be sleeping!

Yeah, I promised myself I'd start getting to bed sooner... So, I am, technically, IN BED, but I thought to myself, Marisa, your loyal readers cannot make it through this week without an update as to the many mundane things you did this weekend.


Well, Friday I cleaned and didn't do much. Saturday I slept until noon which was DIVINE! I went to visit my grandma who has Parkinsons disease. That was hard on me to see and the medication actually makes her a little loopy sometimes which makes it even harder, but it was the right thing to do. I had a rather dramatic experience with my mom at Qdoba, but that's a 20 minute IN PERSON story if you know what I mean!

Don't forget how cute HarMar is when he has full access to the outside, but prefers to lounge in human comfort while LOOKING outside!

Mostly I cleaned and hung out with my parents and we watched that I Am Legend movie which i found to be rather disturbing. Hmpf!

I saw another gorgeous sunset this weekend too! I don't really have any idea how the earth works, but sitting here in my room long enough has allowed my mind to devise a theory that because we are in a valley, something with the air currents happens that makes us have prettier sunsets than any other place. Is that true?

Also, if you haven't heard me mention - I'm sorta kinda maybe quit reading this I don't know making a cooking show. Soooooo uummmmm, I'll be debuting it this next week most likely. Will you watch? OMG I'm so nervous!

Pretend you didn't read that and look at what I ate for dinner tonight instead. This is a panzanella salad topped portobella mushroom.  MMMM

Check back soon for more info. Luv's Ya's!


JohnJayJay October 27, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

Actually, your sunset theory is fairly on the mark. Our valley, due to being a giant bowl, tends to trap a lot of particulate matter (and pollution), which is a key factor to making gorgeous sunsets (aids in light refraction which yields the nice colors). So, our gunked up air makes us sneeze and wheeze (boo!), but makes up for it in the artistic impression dept. as the sun goes down (yay!).

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