Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, as usual, I'm a terrible blogger and get so busy and into so many projects and work so much that I'm many days late in writing about cool stuff. Will you still pretend to read so I feel good about myself?

Last Monday I went to The Big Fresno Fair again.  I got to see Tone Loc and MC Hammer.

1st, let me say - sometimes it pays to party with your parents. They get the HOOK UP! Sometimes you're with your little brother and your mom wears a fanny pack, but for FREE FOOD, FREE DRINKS, and VIP SEATING (as in so close I was touching the stage!) those things don't matter nearly as much! 

What a great show! I think a lot of people have this 80's/90's joke in their head when they think of MC Hammer, but NO WAY! That dude is a performer!

I was also privileged to video tape Mike Oz from The Fresno Beehive as he introduced the performers in his custom made hammer pants and all their glory...

Actually, I'll recommend you just read his post and watch his videos. After all, my seats were so close I really only got videos of everyone's feet. HA HA OMG that was so snobby wasn't it?

Actually, I was busy getting roses from the back up dancers, getting pulled up on stage, and overall being a self made celebutant!



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