Monday, September 7, 2009

Making cleaning fun...

Yeah, I'm a bitch... a big ole one too! I should be writing about how awesome my roommates are (Which I usually do BTW) but I'm also terribly terribly flawed.

I'm pretty sure they are playing a game with me. They have to be. I think the game is to see how quickly they can get the girl with MILD OCD symptoms to go completely lunatic raving mad insane.

Like how is it possible to open a closet door in the hallway and NOT SHUT IT completely? How do you leave it cracked? EVERY TIME YOU OPEN IT? HOW? Please teach me... because (and this may be a rather bold statement) I'm pretty sure that if my house was on fire and my most prized possessions were in that closet and all I had to do was grab them and run to safety - EVEN THEN I would still close the door completely.

I'm a STRONG believer in the philosophy "A place for everything and everything in it's place." I don't know if that's a philosophy actually. A statement? A quote? Let's make it a lifestyle. It's my lifestyle! I have little trays and a certain order I put things in. My kitchen drawers are very "consistent"... That's the word I'm going to use to downplay OCD, ok? Sort of like the hoarder who says they have a "cluttering" problem.

Anyways, I have a little caddy I use to hold my earth friendly cleaning supplies. They are for everyone to use as I "encourage" cleaning, ya know? This is how I found my caddy after someone so generously cleaned the kitchen while I was at work.

Let me just assure you, it does NOT look like that!

Look closer... This is me being clinically diagnosed INSANE!


Someone tell me what is going on here. How come the bottles aren't upright? I.don't.understand.

Was this a new way to make cleaning fun? Do we stand across the room and throw the cleaning bottles at the caddy and see if you can make a goal or what? It's like a physical impossibility for me to do anything like this.

And what am I supposed to do? HA! I just straightened it and said thanks for cleaning the kitchen, but oh my god, I wonder if they'll ever know how crazy I am. You don't think I'm crazy, DO YOU?


MilesPerHour September 8, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

GF and I both have those little OCD tendencies. Too bad they don't always match!

JohnJayJay September 26, 2009 at 5:35 PM  

OK, read your blog as requested:)

1) I'd say the word you were looking for is it's your "credo"!

2) What you described in your roommates is basically like having teenagers around. They sound like my daughters. They have a ritual: Come home and...deposit shoes in living room...and socks on sofa. And there they will stay until I tell them to pick them up. I've experimented (and you can appreciate how mentally fatiguing this was) and not said anything to see how long it would take for them to pick them up. Answer? They won't. A week went by, it was time to go back to their moms, and there the socks and shoes stayed. I have told them not to leave their crap laying around and not rely on others and put their stuff away 500,000,000 times for years on end and they STILL DO NOT GET IT. They do it EVERY DAY. Its just a matter of priorities...and to my daughters, it ain't a priority. They leave doors open letting in flies, wet towels on floors, cups of unknown liquids for days on end on their nightstands until said unknown liquid has metamorphosed into some sort of disgusting goo as yet undiscovered by science, and wouldn't know how to keep toothpaste flecks off of a mirror they can't get closer than three feet to if their life depended on it. I'm thinking they must be spitting on it ON PURPOSE. Anyways,, your roomies ARE young, right? That may explain a thing or two. ;)

3) No, you're not crazy. I find your frustrations pretty valid. I won't worry about you until you start refusing to shake hands, Purell your hands every time you touch a door knob or foreign computer keyboard, and start carrying your own silverware with you to restaurants.

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