Thursday, September 25, 2008

The house of fear

So everyone likes Oprah. Ok, I like Oprah. I hate her because I like her so much. Who wouldn’t like her? She’s overcome adversity which she talks about openly. She is strong and powerful but she cries all the time. She tells lame jokes that only she thinks are funny. She has more money than god. She LOVES food and still struggles with her weight. Yeah, pretty much.

So anyways, She has an XM radio show called the “Soul Series”. I subscribe to the online video podcast of her feature interview each week. It’s 15 - 30 minutes, it’s free, and I really enjoy it.

Anyways, I tried to find a way to upload the video, but you can’t... although anyone can download it for free. This week was a 2 part interview with Rev. Ed Bacon. Now, if you read my last blog you can imagine I deleted this immediately... But dammit Oprah if I wasn’t willing to watch it for you.

I transcribed part of what this guy shockingly says: (He’s talking about really “religious” people and how they react to you if you have a different view of them)
There are two houses... The House of fear and the House of love

The house of fear puts god in a box, puts our theology in a box, puts spirituality in a box.

And depart from the language that I use and find comfort in, then you are starting your own church, you’re the antichrist, you’re not religious.

This criticism that comes at you is because you are pointing to something that is deeper and more universal. People so impassioned about just the wording of religion!

What you do to quiet your anxiety and fear is to find certainty - which is relative. And then if someone challenges that certainty then you attack because that attack comes from the house of fear.

I am SOO feeling that. The interview is almost an hour in total. He says A LOT of very reassuring things.

This whole "House of Fear" thing is EXACTLY what happens to me! I just have such a hard time seeing what the big deal is... why they fight so hard to shove stuff down someone elses throat! Now I know. Because they are just scared. It’s all they have to hold onto that brings them comfort. And one of the few relative things that cannot ACTUALLY be challenged because it is so intangible. How do you disprove faith? But as much as I can’t disprove it, they can’t 100% prove it either, so they try to force everyone else to just agree so it’s not an issue.

Well, anyways - This resonated with me. You should watch it!


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