Friday, February 16, 2007

It's official!

I’m now a certified stripper... Ok, not really, but I took a “Pole Aerobics” class last night and it was awesome! Talk about a workout! I’m SORE! And we listened to cool music, we danced, I think for a minute we even attempted to “drop it like it’s hot” if you know what i’m saying LOL

Anyone want to take this class with me? Let me know!!!! It’s only $15 for an hour of sweaty fun (no lesbian action, sorry guys) and all you need is a yoga mat and a feather boa. A combo you normally wouldn’t think of, I’m sure.

Normally I’m SO embarrassed to do stuff like this too! But it was actually pretty cool and I will definitely be going every Thursday night. The girls are awesome, the lights are dim, and it’s a work out - SERIOUSLY!!

There’s belly dancing classes, african dance, pole dancing, ballet, yoga... everything and I’m SOOO into all of it. Someone come take the belly dancing class with me. I haven’t tried that one yet!

PS - can someone tell me how to track if people are even reading these blogs?


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