Tuesday, February 6, 2007


So does the incompetence of the general working public infuriate the rest of you, or is it just me? I suppose it’s not healthy, but I wouldn’t consider myself a person who really trust the aide of others, but I can’t be an expert in everything. There are many times where I am forced to lean upon the knowledge of others to get by.

For instance.... health insurance. What a beast that is! I’m fortunate to have full coverage, but beyond having a once a year routine check up, I don’t really know what my insurance covers. It’s no secret that I go to counseling. Well, counseling is an extra expense, especially if you go at any sort of regular interval. I spent MANY an hour on the phone getting approval and authorization and having my benefits explained to me. My co-pay was to be $10. This was back in October. NOW - FOUR MONTHS LATER I get a statement (not a bill) stating that my Co-pay should have been $25. Is there ever a break? EVER? Another 20 minutes on the phone lets me know that I was “MIS”informed when I called previously. And let me tell you, she didn’t explain that to me in a NICE way.

And you wonder why I don’t trust other people. And if you’ve read this and somehow failed to notice how THOROUGH I am in asking questions and going thru all the proper procedures, you’re crazy. I don’t like surprises and thought there was NO WAY I’d get another bill. If I knew my expenditures were going to go from $20 a month to $50! maybe I wouldn’t have been so relaxed about going every other week. Now look who needs more counseling for her anxiety! :| Major lame!

Did I mention my employer just switched health insurance. So while I continue to pay into my last one, now I get to go thru this whole process again with a new carrier. Oh the JOY!


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