Monday, March 24, 2008

Fancy Foreign Cars - Zoom Zoom she does NOT!

Here in the RV world, when we sell something, we do an “orientation” with our customers to show them how to use all the many many gadgets they come with. Heck, some of them have remote controls that cost $600 and run everything from your TV and DVD player to turn on your lights, or run your shades up and down. That would require some instruction for me too.

But a car? Shouldn’t those be pretty straight forward? I have a relatively inexpensive foreign car - a stock car (No fancy upgraded GPS or stereo or anything) yet, every day that I have her (And I’m going on 4 years now) I learn something new. Today I was given a FOUR PAGE print out on the proper way just to turn my car on and off!

After a $72.45 tow bill to take it to the dealership, I learned just how particular she is. Would a woman be less any complicated? Seems almost unnatural - HA!

Turns out that because of the fuel injection and the finely tuned oil burning rotary engine, she floods easily. In fact, when you start her, you have to leave her running long enough to burn the fuel out of the engine (Or at least until the temperature gauge is on the 2nd - 3rd bar) Then before you turn it off, you have to put it in park, hold the brake, rev the engine to 6,000 RPM’s and while holding the gas turn the key off so that the engine will quickly burn off the last bit of fuel running thru.

Otherwise, when your poor unsuspecting roommates move your car out of the driveway so they can go to work and park her back in the garage, she will not be starting again...

OOPS, you live you learn. HA!


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