Thursday, March 20, 2008

So disturbing...

So a couple weeks ago, I went on an outing to the Home and Garden show. We had some decent food, saw some cool home goods, and even ate a cinnamon roll! YUMM!

Although, at the end of our journey, I seemed to have stumbled upon what I am going to classify as the most disturbing thing I’ve looked at in 2008. And I have total trainwreckitus... I watch every crappy show, look at every extreme thing that comes my way via the internet, and certainly can’t look away when it’s in person. This is, to me, almost worse than when Karen discovered the secret society of women who sniff mens underwear... And those pictures were well done, but Gross...

However, now that I’ve built this up, you guys are going to think I’m plain retarded, but that’s ok. IN MY WORLD, this is disturbing - Feast your eyes on the below pictures!

Being the vegetarian that I am, I have never been so horrified as to see a BBQ shaped like animal that you will be killing, cooking, and eating. Am I the only one that sees the horror in this? I don’t even know how to explain what this is like, but it’s bad folks! It’s bad!



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