Sunday, May 4, 2008


So I'm laying here in bed, listening to the new Portishead album - Which I love by the way!!

I just had a pretty darn decent week off and now I'm definitely not wanting to go back to work - which is always the case! I was so worried that I wouldn't have anything to do and that I would be bored and really sad, when in the end- it turned out to be like the perfect vacation.

I got to have lunch with my best friends, had a great weekend dancing in San Francisco, some cool nights out, shopping, and got to see my cousin and even do yoga in Santa Cruz! Normally I don't do stuff like that cuz driving long distances by myself isn't my thing, but I need to be an independent woman now I guess. I actually enjoyed it. I had the best dog on earth with me and my iPod and a Mt Dew which pretty much always ends up being a good time!!

I sat out in the sun and let Har Mar bound about in the grass. I was so proud of him and how unphased he was by the many blue jays and even a cat. He really is a good dog to just stay by my side!

Went out tonight for drinks and a movie with my girlfriends. For those of you that know me - romantic comedy is NOT my thing. I hate anything that rubs romance and what is lacking in my life in my face. SO - it was a cute movie, but I pretty much need to meet my rich prince charming tomorrow or I'm going to be very disappointed! ha ha ha...

I'm definitely getting the travel bug though. I seem to know all these people galavanting across the country - and that should totally be me. I think my parents are actually considering taking a trip to the carribean this summer and they BETTER take me~ I've never been outside the continental united states and I'm READY!

Well, it's 1am and past my bedtime. Sorry for the lame post with the incompleted thoughts. I'll try to elaborate more later.


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