Saturday, August 21, 2010

WHOA I'm WAY behind!

I think I told you guys to check back for some pictures of what I've been up to!

A popular question from my friends tends to be: "So, besides running, what have you been up to?"

*Eerie silence*

There's something else other than running? HAHA

Apparently, there is, but not around these parts! My every meal, sleep cycle, and purchase is seeming to revolve around that right now. So Just bear with me here, it MAY come up again!

Here is a text conversation that THOROUGHLY amused me:

I can see now, this is gonna be more of a food blog today. I'm really having to eat a lot! And in a different order. It's throwing me for a loop! I'm supposed to eat breakfast which grieves me deeply! My parents have a nectarine tree though, and I have been enjoying some fresh fruits. I mean, hello Central Valley, we have the best produce in the world available at our fingertips! SEE....?
And not just fruit, but vegetables too. If you think you dislike tomatoes but you've never had a homegrown one, THINK AGAIN! I don't care how ripe or red or whatever, one that comes off the vine of your friends moms tomato plant is the juiciest, meatiest, tastiest thing ever. EVAH! As a close second, have you ever tried heirloom tomatoes?  If not, get your ass to Whole Foods - they are in season now and pretty orgasmic. LOOK at this mountain of heaven!
Last week I made a 5 ingredient pasta that blew my mind! So easy, so tasty! Click here to view the recipes I've posted on Taste Fresno!
Also, I tried the new Eureka! Burger on Palm & Nees. I'm getting tired and don't really feel like writing a full review of the place, I will only say that they are new and have some kinks to work out. And also, I think they were thoroughly befuddled by their own homemade veggie burger. (1) They made it with beets which is disconcerting to see a bright red/purple thing under the bun. (2) It was barely cooked and had the consistency of an avocado, so while the flavor was good, it was mushy and unappetizing!

Yep, that's all I got for now. Ran 11 miles this morning (The furthest EVER!) and now prepping for bed because I need to meet the group tomorrow morning for another 6 miles at 7am!!


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