Monday, January 14, 2008

Faux Negativity

I’m calling this entry Faux Negativity... I know I do a lot of negative writing although I would consider myself a very positive person. I think I’m just not motivated to write unless something very passionately moves me... Usually that is something that annoys me.

Today it is computers. I wish people knew more about them. It is SO frustrating to have to spend the majority of my day fixing other peoples problems. Not hard problems, dumb problems.

And everyones desktop is different and their operating system is different and the brand of printer they use is different and on and on and on. I use a mac, I don’t even have a windows PC to look at. I don’t know what program you are in or what strange thing you’ve downloaded off the internet...

Yet you call me, and call me, and call me... Like I magically know what’s wrong. I DON’T KNOW. WHY WOULD I KNOW? And I can’t see what you are looking at, I’ve never used the program you are talking about, I’ve never encountered the problem you are dealing with. Fixing a computer is all a process of elimination. Just common sense trouble shooting.

I don’t know if this is my way of calling people stupid... I guess it kinda is, and don’t worry I’ll get off my high horse soon!

I just want to know what is different about me where I get it? And NO ONE else does? (ok, maybe 2 or 3 also know) How can I work with 100 other people and I’m the ONLY one who can install a printer, or see another computer on the network, or create a backup of your files. Really? Only 1 out of 100 knows how to download stuff from your digital camera? 1 out of 100 can send an attachment in an email? 1 out of 100 could determine that your computer won’t turn on because you stepped on the fucking power bar under your desk and turned it off?

Sorry - I just REALLY hate tech support... and the TIME CONSUMING process of elimination. Because, honestly, I know as much as you do... I’m just not afraid to investigate, or push a couple buttons, or (R)ead (T)he (F)ucking (M)anual, or whatever.

UGH - makes me crazy... CRAZY... CRAAAZZZYYY! (Sing it like Gnarls Barkley!)

Gotta go, someone’s Kodak Easy Share isn’t working :| Is that just me or does it have “EASY” in the name. Sigh...


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