Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stuff I forget

I’m always saying to myself - OH, I want that and then when it comes time for me to get something I’m like, what CD was that? What restaurant did I want to try? What what what... I’m a forgetter! So maybe I should try writing it down!

Things I realistically want...

1) I want so many different CD’s!! (Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott, etc)
2) Movies - The Truth About Charlie
3) Smallville Season 6 (available in sept)
4) A bedside carafe from www.cb2.com (the “Twilight Carafe”) Only $14.95! I’m obsessed!
5) The recipe for Flamenco’s garbanzo beans.

Things I UNrealistically want RIGHT NOW...

1) The iPhone. I’m beside myself with excitement - just beside myself
2) Lexus IS350
3) a new MacBook that can run both Windows and OS X
4) A personal assistant
5) The end of religious nonsense LOL
6) To lose 20 lbs. No that’s not too thin BTW!

Well, that’s all I got going on today. TTYL


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