Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Story of my life

This is something I wrote... It's not really applied to anyone specific, but could work for just about everyone... My mom, my ex husband... you know...

Out of myself I give everything
Asking nothing in Return
But its the world i need to make mine
Better take it quick, it has to be on time

Empty & aching I push thru your attitude
I never needed you
It's strength I'm making
It's you I'm faking
It's my life I'm taking

Your selfish agenda comes too soon
Actions show you never cared
I prove myself while you sit & stare

I thought one person couldn't change the world
But you did it to me quietly
I thought I needed love to see light
But you burned me ever so slightly

It's a black night & a bright white all at once
I feel sick, but still I wait for you to change your mind
To sit by me and feed me praise
Raise me up with your lies
Under your skin I can see behind your eyes

But now I understand
It's you who brought me into this world
But took everything I am


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