Saturday, December 24, 2005

Now I will continue my rant...

Ok, it is now after 1am and I'm ready to finish my thoughts from before.

I had a discussion today with my friend Anthony who says I need to learn to "move past" flaws in movies to see the good points. Of course, this to me is just saying, if there are FLAWS I can't look past. then it's NOT a good movie. Like War of the Worlds. I'm just saying (and if you like it let me know, cuz this just could affect our friendship) which of you were watching it and saw the earth, THE ACTUAL EARTH SPLIT APART into vast chasms of alien terror... could make sense of WHY the crowd was so mesmerized as to walk forward and say, "Golly gee, i wonder what's down there in that big ole hole?" I couldn't "move past" it. The whole rest of the movie, all I could think was, people don't act this way. Who does that? That is SO stupid. To defy the very base of human nature. Of course, then end would only have been less stupifyingly brutal if had pulled my own shoe off and beat myself in the head.

(Warning this next one is a sensitive subject) And yes, I know this movie was VERY popular and apparently you all have known the story from birth and it just "IS" sensible to you, BUT SINCE WHEN are you in a labratory that experiments on spiders and one gets loose and BITES YOU... DO YOU NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL? Obviously you all are FOND of Spiderman. I'm just saying, I couldn't move past it. I had apparently not learned the story in my blessed 20+ years and was flabergasted when the man goes home and he's got shit spewing out his wrists and he's writhing around in pain and HE DOESN'T GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM? That was the stupidest movie EVER. I did NOT see the 2nd one.

Alright, it's 1:30am and now I'm tired. I feel better having that off my chest and will sleep soundly now.

Goodnight all!


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